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Media Anthropology ( Task 5 -Week 5 )

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Who owns the newspapers and TV stations in your country? Do you 

think this has an effect on the news that you hear?

 Who owns the newspapers and TV stations in your country? Do you think this has an effect on the news that you hear?
Today I want to talk about the owners of newspapers and TV stations in my country and how this matter effect and influence the news , mostly the newspapers are belong to government which of course the newspapers going to write about what the government wants from them the most interesting part is in newspapers or words you can use hidden word sometimes journalist using this skill to criticism about government in government news ,this option gives you good way of connection to people but still you cant write whatever you want and this not just one country ,mostly all counters on the earth having same situations and they follow some certain rules like things happen in Iraq still I can remember back to 2001 when America attack Iraq suddenly all news was full of horrible news about WMD (bio weaponry ) and when they took all over the country there was no sign of it even small piece .
So I can say the all thing or the all war was on lie, and how these things happens the media coverage or the propaganda of government always work and this is other fact which people will forgot in time duration.
Now let me talk about the TV stations which they just announcing the government news in TV no one can talk freely its impossible to say anything you like even the live program having some certain rules before of program they will give you the questions and ask you are you comfortable them, do you have any trouble to answer them or not.
Mostly in TV that small way of criticism is not available which is in newspapers and words and always there will be heavy control or we can say filtering on your words.
Actually this rules for all governments “those who control the media control everything” for understanding of this matter you can read about the 5 sister of media which they are 5 huge company which they are not necessary have specialty at media ; they control most of news in entire the world any new must pass from them ,so they will make rules to media or news in all over the world , I hope I gives you some idea to research and attention to around yourself and find out what’s going on around you. 

FYP Crit 2 Final Level 3


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Media Anthropology ( Task 4 -Week 4 )

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How often do you read the paper or watch the news on TV? How important is it for you to keep up with current events?
Today I want to talk about the TV technology as we know about the media or specially the TV technology was invented around centuries ago but until now it’s changed and getting improved so fast.
And sometimes I am thinking when I looking to the TVs now I start to thinking I am from another planet so fast everything’s changed still I can remember when my father bought the new TV for our home it was Philips black and white.


It was in wooden box and after a year’s we bought the new brand color TV and it was incredible it was my first time I saw the color images inside our TV and we can see the football matches in color.


Ok this was my own history about TV now let’s back to our question if I want to be honest with you it’s been 8 years I am not watching TV anymore maybe more still I can remember when I was younger I was looking to TV as voice speaker of truth but after when the Arpanet gives birth to internet its change my life too it was back to that time I realized all things which is said in TV it’s not truth as I understand TVs always gives those kind of information’s which passed of governments filtering , still I can remember when I check the first wrong news on TV which it was about massacre at one place by good fortune I got one cyber friends which he lives at that area so I simply ask about and he make me clear .

Wow I was mistaken half of my life TV doesn't give s us right information (not all the time but most of times) so after that I always check the news and events on internet, I always check them at 4 or 5 sources to make sure its truth this things also affected my view about newspapers too I won’t read them anymore.

All the new ,events and all information I get them form internet only ,as we know the media or the medium MUST be neutral so they must not take side but in our world is totally different I recommended you to read my article about propaganda and how the 3 sister of media ( 3 huge company which controlling the all media ,news and information in all over the world ) effected the new ,it will helps you to understand what’s going on around you.

Media Anthropology ( Task 3 -Week 3 )

What is theater?

Theater : a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented; "the house was full".

How do you think theater, as a media form, communicates messages to its audience?

Let me start from old days (stone age) have you ever think about it , during those times without languages and technology how human communicated with each other ? Gesture, yea you’re rightGesture was one of the base communication form during that time after it was painting then they create languages for themselves ,so let’s back to gestures ; theaters are same like gesture languages but they use music and some decoration environments which that’s helps them to send their messages to audience.

Or in other word:

“Music blows lyrics up very quickly, and suddenly they become more than art. They become pompous and they become self-conscious ... I firmly believe that lyrics have to breathe and give the audience's ear a chance to understand what's going on. Particularly in the theater, where you not only have the music, but you've got costume, story, acting, orchestra. There's a lot to take in.”― Stephen Sondheim

So theaters unlike other form of media can send their messages indirectly to the audience which is the beauty of it. For example in theater the actors/actress  , can performing about politics but the show can be about animals in forest and how they influence each other in that environment which as we know before many of these performances performing their artistic works.

I want to mention this during world war II one of the most powerful weapons (which used by governments ((allied and axis)) ) was theaters and street shows which they use it to inject their will to the people if you want to understand this part better  I recommended read “hypodermic needle theory or magic bullet “ it will helps you to understand most of the purpose of media around you be always consider this as Marshall McLuhan said “medium is message” which can’t be miss used by other parties and also review my article which you can find it in my weblog “ http://ashkan-alidi.blogspot.com/ “About how media can be used as propaganda weapons for other parties .